Untitled woe

I’m style searching, testing the waters, wading through the muck and worries of being industry ready. My current style losing its touch and I’m not sure where to go. A heavy aura hangs in the air and I feel lost under its dark shadow, who am I? How can I communicate through my works? And does my work express what I want it to say, be it my personality feeding through it – rather than a flatness like the paper that stares at me. Deciphering my skills and wielding the tools to make my minds eye reality. There are so many illustrators, I scroll my screen seeing their work light up before me, dawning their brilliance; perfected in style, colour and composition. Where do I start? I have my advice but those works seem fragile now, their strength waning. I can’t create a success so soon, but maybe I can permeate the surface of disillusion, crack it just enough to peep through and guide my hand in clarity.