Part 3


Strange workings, collage spurred from findings in my scrap box. Is this off course from works I intended? I believe so, I’d like to see where my hand and mind finishes off, but I don’t think I will like what I produce. Its already reminding me of my early sketchbook artworks of collage and odd meanings that only make sense to me. Onto attaching mod rock to the canvas, and painting to look like old wallpaper. A picture frame and nailing stuff into the canvas… I’m not sure where I’m going with this either. Valentines is the theme.

Stormy yellow cottage


A lot of texture. Layering, scratching with the paintbrush, fingerprints and unsurety. A bright lemony yellow house, which somehow captures a darkness. A grey depressing sky, walls dirtied with mould and overgrowth and tatty windows. I feel a negativity from it, like a storm brewing, not just in the atmosphere.



I’m back. There’s painting, a new studio, plenty of workspace but I moved to the floor for this experimental phase, so plenty of floor space! I’m not quite sure what it is I will be painting today. I have a partial idea, and that’s what I’m going off. Either repainting over that blue canvas or a new one. Cover sheet out, all materials and tools. Let’s see where this goes.



A genderless expressionist painting. It’s not exactly what I wanted to do with the white wash ground – but provided a smooth surface to manoeuvre my fingers around the canvas. The limited palette providing a warm skin tone. The crimson and green colours working in contrast to give subtle depth to the face. I have been looking at Frank Auerbach but didn’t use his impasto style. Though i definitely feel I’ve improved my portraiture, the white backdrop is quite stark and head just floats upon it.

Little Stars


My little colour swatches, of the star on a deep blue night sky. They’re still in continuation with my exhibition project; a self-authored illustrated book. But for now, the small paintings are relaxing, before I go ahead with the larger finished pieces. Still some ways to go!

Also I’ve now been sqeezing paints for the palette, into a sketchbook. So when the paint dries it’ll make a lovely edition to my sketchbook art. 🙂

Silent sailing


Life is but a boat sailing in a dream. In this piece depicts the calm waters. In silence it drifts, floating, waiting for opportunity to dock. Its presence filtering in from a white light in misted surroundings; like the void of resurrection, the boat is your soul. I dreamt of this painting, a prominent textured and thick bodied paint. I don’t know what it means, but I rarely paint the paintings in my sleep and I felt some spiritualistic connection. A reflection, perhaps.