Trying out that trending watercolour/ink bleed art. I’ll admit its better than my first attempt but still a wip as I want to tweak it like the rest of my work. Albeit its summery but flowers are popular regardless. 

Owl Rocket


Using my favourite animal and fusing it with the element of fire. The plan was was to draw the owl soaring up and majestically leaving a tail flame in its wake. But the lower half just ended up merging with the fire. I used acrylic ink to paint the flames and it’s a firey mess attaching like a fleeting flamenco dress – hey rhyme!
Today’s illustration came about due to a fusion drawing by dean’z doodlez ( as he completes a 30 day drawing challenge about comic book characters, anime and heroes.
So here’s my version of Day 10 (Fusion) – a lot of fire because I like to be creative with fire *ahem* ink.

Between the Fish


I will be attempting to create a new painting each in a different style during the course of summer. In which to broaden my illustrative technique. I love using ink and combining it with different mediums, but there is no acrylic this time! In doing this mini project, I want to adapt everything I’ve learnt and find something I’m comfortable with.

Ink, watercolour, pro-markers, conte.