I’m back. There’s painting, a new studio, plenty of workspace but I moved to the floor for this experimental phase, so plenty of floor space! I’m not quite sure what it is I will be painting today. I have a partial idea, and that’s what I’m going off. Either repainting over that blue canvas or a new one. Cover sheet out, all materials and tools. Let’s see where this goes.

Still an artist!


The paints are back out! Its probably been a good month since I’ve wanted to do anything for myself with my work but I’m raring to experiment. Moving on from my frump and back into the creativity!
I’m still alive, brain still functions, lets make some art!

Offering love visual

stupid face

Sketchily painting over a pencil drawing. A little drawing for a zine submission. Although I really like it, and puts humour in to my work, the silly face was not on the final. The pencil lines give it that nice shaded finish that I like from my drawings and hope to incorporate more into my work.

On the concept, I fed some of my own experience into a doodle, and the idea of giving your heart as an item in glass case, special, but also fragile, to pass on. That it draws on a risk, putting it out there, giving it to someone and hoping it doesn’t return damaged or broken.

Wish for you cards


My cards all printed and packed, looking very nice and professional in their plastic sleeves ready for the Stall on the 11th February.

Out of all the possibilities I could have illustrated for the cards I choose a shooting star. Because of the hope attached to it, the remembrance of feeling magic. And then when you’re older, feeling it then so in the arms of another.
But sometimes, just as the star whizzes by leaving a faded blur in your memory, love can end too.