Craft from the past

So rummaging in the garage looking for old stuff, as you do, and come across a bag full of scooby strings. So i thought why not? It’s been a long time since i made scooby. They were last in trend about 12 years ago and I only know how to make round scoobies (though i did try to make square ones! >_<). And although being very rusty – I couldn’t quite figure out the last loop which tied everything – i finally got there. And by tradition I’m going to put it on my suitcase. 

Leaving to the elements

So found my metal art whilst moving. It’s a sheet of steel composite drawn on with a plasma gun which I did during a metal workshop. Thus far is my first and last attempt and is a sort of abstract jungle picture – coming up with an image on the spot when you have a limited amount time is rather hastening, so not as pretty as I would of hoped! I used the gun at varying speeds, slower for surface marks, faster (accidently) caused the jagged melting but I think it’s quite interesting contrast now that the surface is rusting; and the right speed which cuts through the metal cleanly.

So now that it’s rusting we’re going to leave it to the elements…

The rain is now the artist. 

Spring drawing


Sat in quiet at a lovely park today, drawing the nature. Gathering reference and inspiration and a bit of exploring.  Sadly the sun has gone in for the week and I’m sat in the cold. So not as many drawings as I would like and will be relying on photos until I can go to another park or gardens. I have now retreated to a cosy little cafe for a turkish delight hot choc. Just another cold day in spring.

Brownie Bites


‘ Truffle’ recipe from Buzzfeed’s Tasty videos, the sweets are actually brazillian bonbon; brigadeiros. The soft chocolate tastes like brownie mixture covered in sprinkles. Its unusual, the brigadeiros scrumptious and sweet uses only 3 ingredients – sprinkles making it 4 – but I added a splash of white rum to the mixture. But I wouldn’t eat too many!

Weekend Project


This week I was tasked with making a mask for a small play’s rehearsal – an example. The mask is inspired by balinese and grecian masks but has taken on a bohemian look with the colourful hair and feathers. This unusual colour scheme, and exaggeration of the mouth are to represent the artaudian theme (theatre of cruelty) and stereotypes of witches as the scene the mask is used for, features Shakespeares three witches from ‘Macbeth’. I am happy with the outcome, especially since I haven’t crafted a mask in a few years.