I’m back. There’s painting, a new studio, plenty of workspace but I moved to the floor for this experimental phase, so plenty of floor space! I’m not quite sure what it is I will be painting today. I have a partial idea, and that’s what I’m going off. Either repainting over that blue canvas or a new one. Cover sheet out, all materials and tools. Let’s see where this goes.

Wave woman fin


I finally finished it, not entirely happy – but are any of us really? – May have rushed it towards the end and just applied painterly stuff carelessly, but I couldn’t stand looking at the unfinished painting when I have plenty more to be getting on with.
Orientated as a spontaneous, spur of the moment lets chuck some paint on (mostly painted with a palette knife) canvas and roll with it. It’s another little stepping stone on one of my side projects. And perhaps it’ll develop my painterly side by getting me out of my comfort zone – bizarre paintings! – or distract me from the real work ahead.

Experimental painting 1 Wip


I’m taking the initiative today, and starting some experimental painting that reflects my style in different ways. This one is a drawing I did today, with random colour variations. But very random to which I have doubted my composition and colour schemes. It’s all about applying what I have to say as a person, through the image and so far its confused just like my current mindset. To which I have now put myself on a track of doing and expressing rather than researching and thinking.